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Wicklow Pipes

4,000 years ago - Wicklow Pipes

In Wicklow, archaeologists found a cooking pit and a hut site.

These sites date to 900 BC, before the first Celts arrived in Ireland (600 BC).

Wicklow Pipes are the oldest wooden pipes. In the winter of 2003, archaeologists found a set of musical pipes in Wicklow, Ireland. They believed that prehistoric men in Ireland used them 4,000 years ago.

Wicklow Pipes
Prehistoric pipes in the site

Archaeologists found these six pipes during the excavations of a cooking site of a Bronze Age settlement near the town of Greystones, south of Dublin. Five of six cylindrical wooden pipes were side by side. Back in the laboratory, they identified that prehistoric men made these pipes from yew wood. The experts suggest that the pipes, which lack finger holes, may have formed part of a multi-flute instrument or pipe organ.

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