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Hohle Fels Flute

35,000 years ago - Hohle Fels Flute

Venus of Hohle Fels, found by the team in the cave is the earliest known Venus figurine.

Hohle Fels is one of the sources of the oldest works of human art.

Hohle Fels is a World Heritage Site since July 2017.

Hohle Fels Flute is a bone flute found in a cave in Germany. Archeologists found several artifacts in the cave dating to the Paleolithic. Some of these artifacts are the earliest examples of prehistoric art. There have been excavations in the cave since 1870.

Hohle Fels Cave
Hohle Fels Cave

In 2008, archaeologist Nicholas Conard and his team from University of Tübingen unearthed a bone flute in the cave and two fragments of ivory flutes in nearby caves. Dated back at least 35,000 years, Hohle Fels Flute is among the earliest instruments of the prehistoric period. The bone flute has five holes and a V-shaped mouthpiece. People made this flute from a vulture’s wing.

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