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Prehistoric Music

Prehistoric music refers to all of the world’s music that has existed before the written history.


A fountain is an ornamental feature that pours water into a basin or sprays it into the air. Fountains are great for beginning a field recording career.

Sound Waves

The sound is a vibration that propagates as an audible wave of pressure through a medium such as air. In other words, the sound waves are pressure waves.

Properties of Waves

To understand what a wave is, a simple description isn’t enough. We should also learn the properties of waves. Now, let’s delve deeper into waves. 


A wave is a disturbance that travels from one place to another. Waves travel through a medium or space.

Music Theory

Blues Scales

There are several different scales with a different number of pitches that are called as a blues scale. While there are blues scales which are hexatonic, heptatonic and even nonatonic, I will tell you about...

Gökhan Damgacı

Gökhan Damgacı is a pianist, composer, field recordist, sound designer, and author of sound and music-related books. All his life revolves around nature, art, books, and of course coffee. In his opinion, knowledge grows when shared. It is why, in his spare time, he likes to share what he learns and knows with others.

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