There are several factors influencing your performance in the field. You can intervene and eliminate most of the negative factors during the planning stage. So you can increase your performance before even starting to record any sounds. But despite your best efforts, there may be some factors you overlook during your planning. In this article, I’ll try to list the most common of those factors that may ruin your entire field recording session.

Recording in the field is not much different from recording in a studio. However, there are things you should avoid to make your field trip more effective and your field recording much clearer.

Factors To Avoid During Field Recording



Better stay away from windy weather instead of dealing with the wind noise afterward.

Wind is the first and the foremost challenge you will encounter during your field recording. If you are not recording any wind noise, then you should somehow avoid windy areas or use windscreens to lower wind noise.



Sometimes a cheerful guy pulling a prank can ruin your recordings.

If the focus point of your field recording is not humans, then it is better to stay away from them. Because humans are curious creatures. They may purposely or accidentally make noises that may interrupt your recording. There are not so many field recordists out there so when you go out to record some sounds, make sure you are ready for curious eyes.



Horns alone can ruin your recording.

Since there are a lot of roads and lanes these days, it is hard to avoid traffic noise. But it is not impossible. Simply scouting the area where you will record beforehand or planning your trip carefully may save you a lot of time. Remember, cars and pedestrians can make unwanted noises out of the blue.

Insects and other creatures


You don’t want a fly landing on your microphone and make noises.

Although all living things are part of nature and they bring more life to your natural field recordings, sometimes they may ruin your trip. To avoid them, you may plan an evening or late night field recording session.

Any other noises

Noise - The unwanted factor during field recording

Most noises are unwanted.

You should avoid all noises that will not be parts of your field recording session.

The planning stage is critical to avoid capturing unwanted noises.


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