On this page you can find the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Tone Insight.

Tone Insight Products FAQ

Royalty-Free Music

Are royalty-free music and sound effects free? 

No, they are not.

What does it mean if something is royalty-free?

Royalty-free means that you need to pay for rights to use the item once per end product. Therefore, you don’t need to pay additional or ongoing fees for each person who sees or uses it. However, there may be some limits placed on uses under different license types. 

Can I copyright your royalty-free music?

No, you can’t do that. All rights of them are reserved by Gökhan Damgacı.

What is item and end product? 

The item is what you buy from AudioJungle, whereas the end product is what you build with that item. 

Are you available for Freelance hire? 

Yes, we are. In fact, you can get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.


What is AudioJungle?

AudioJungle is one of the world’s most notable marketplaces of royalty free music, sound effects, and audio content. 

Where can I buy licenses for your royalty free music and sound effects?

You may visit our AudioJungle portfolio to listen and buy our royalty free music and sound effects. 

Do you sell your royalty-free music and sound effects only on AudioJungle? 

Yes. Tone Insight is an exclusive author of AudioJungle. In other words, we only sell our items on AudioJungle.

Can I modify the item that I bought? 

Yes. You can customize our items to fit the needs of your end product. 

Can I use your music or sound effects in paid/commercial end products?

Yes, you can use all of our Music License and SFX Licenses with both free and paid end products. However, Music Licenses may have other limitations on reproductions or broadcast audience, depending on which option you choose. 

Are “Logos & Idents” considered “Music” items even though they are not actually in the “Music” category? 

Yes, they are all considered to be music by nature. If an item is a music item, it will only have the Music License options available on the item page. 

Royalty Free Sound Effects

Are “Sound Effects” included under the Music Licenses? 

No. Sound Effects are not considered to be music. Hence, they have their own SFX Licenses for single or multi-use. 

Can I use sound effects in multiple end products? 

Our SFX License has both a single use and multi-use option. Buying the multi-use option allows use of the sound effects item in an unlimited number of end products.

Can I use an AJ track in a stand-alone music track? What about sound effects? 

You may not use music in stand-alone music tracks, but you should use sound effects in am music track. For example, you can’t add lyrics to an audio track and sell I on iTunes. 

Where can I read more about all the details of licenses? 

You can read all the details of licenses on AudioJungle’s Licenses page.

Books FAQ

Where do you sell your books? 

Currently, we only sell our books on Apple Books. But we have plans to sell them on more platforms.

Which ebook format do you use for your books?

We use Multi-Touch (.ibooks) format for our ebooks because it allows us to create interactive books with galleries, video, audio, quizzes, etc.

Where can I buy An Insight Into Music Theory? 

Here is the link to An Insight Into Music Theory.

May I have a link to your author page on Apple Books? 

Of course, you may! Here is the link to the author page of Gökhan Damgacı.

Do you plan on writing on other formats? 

Certainly! We will publish all our books in ePUB (.epub) and PDF (.pdf) formats in time.

Will I be able to buy your books on Amazon Kindle Store or Google Play Books? 

Of course! We are planning on publishing our books on the Amazon Kindle Store and Google Play Books.

Website FAQ

Who owns the copyright of the articles on https://www.toneinsight.com ?

Gökhan Damgacı, as the author of all articles on https://www.toneinsight.com, owns the copyright of this website.

Can I use your articles on my website or blog? 

Since all rights of this website are protected by the U.S. and International copyright laws, you cannot reproduce or distribute our articles on any platforms without written permission of the author.

Do you write in other platforms? Can you write in my blog as a guest writer?

Of course, I can do that. Whenever I have time, I’d like to join other projects to contribute more to the world of music.

Can I contact you about something else? 

Of course, you can via our Contact page.

Thank you for your interest. If you want to know more about us, then we invite you to visit our About Tone Insight and Portfolio pages.

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