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About Us

Who We Are

Tone Insight is a professional sound and music production service established by Gökhan Damgacı, a pianist, composer, producer, field recordist, sound designer, and author of sound and music-related books. We are all about sound and music.

Since 2016, we have been selling our collection on Envato Market’s Audio Jungle. If you want to view our work, you may find a link to our portfolio below.

Because we believe that knowledge grows when shared, we decided to establish this comprehensive blog in 2017. Since then, we have been writing about sound and music here on this blog. In October 2018, we published our first ebook An Insight Into Music Theory on Apple Books.

We hope you may benefit from our posts. Please feel free to share your opinions with us.


Our mission is to contribute to the world of sound and music by offering our customers the highest quality music and sound effects with the lowest possible prices. We also strive to provide great tutorials and e-books for those who want to learn about sound and music.


  • We strive to be one of the most successful businesses in sound and music.
  • Also, we aim to have one of the largest sound effects and music collection that everybody loves and uses.
  • We want to provide access to the world’s information on sound and music.

About Our Work

1. Music

We provide our elegant compositions as well as interpretations of famous classical music for your creative media projects. They are all royalty free which means once you purchase licenses for them, you can use them in your projects under Audio Jungle’s Licenses Terms. You may find links to relevant portfolios in various categories below.

Also, we provide music packs. Music packs contain multiple tracks from the same genre, instrument or theme. You may save money by buying music packs.

The Importance of Music

Music is an important element of any creative media work. Each project requires a unique approach. The right music can give your audience goosebumps. On the other hand, the wrong one can ruin your project.

How We Create

The most important thing for us is connecting ourselves to everyone else with our work. The right music should awaken the right feelings. Our work should appeal to listeners. This is why we spend a lot of time to make our work of high quality and right for your projects.

We create, design, and record usable materials. We create our items with a keen sense of technique without ruling out the universal aspects of sound and music. With our custom work, we also value the opinions and wishes of our customers. So you can request edits and alterations to our existing portfolio.

We are proud of being boundless and beyond any classifications such as genre, duration, etc. After all, loud or quiet, short or long, simple or complex, our duty is presenting what is right for your project.

2. Logos and Idents

A sound logo (or ident or trademark) is a trademark where the sound is used to perform the trademark function of uniquely identifying the commercial origin of products or services. They can be just sound effects or short compositions. You can also use them as intros for your projects. As Tone Insight, we also provide logos and idents from various genres.

3. Sound Effects

Tone Insight strives to create the largest collection of sound effects. For this purpose, we started to record the sounds of everything from daily life to nature for your creative media projects.

We will add more categories in time. To view our latest royalty free sound effects and music portfolio, please visit our Audio Jungle profile page.

4. Publications

Please visit our Publications page to view our latest publications.

How to Contact Us

We value your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to write to us about anything related to our work or posts. If you want to get in touch with us, you may send an email to us. We usually response up to 2 business days.

Gökhan Damgacı

Gökhan Damgacı is a pianist, composer, field recordist, sound designer, and author of sound and music-related books. All his life revolves around nature, art, books, and of course coffee. In his opinion, knowledge grows when shared. It is why, in his spare time, he likes to share what he learns and knows with others.

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