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Tone Insight provides elegant compositions as well as interpretations of famous classical music for your creative media projects. 

The Importance of Music

Music is an important element of any creative media work. Each project requires a unique approach. The right music can give your audience goosebumps. On the other hand, the wrong one can ruin your project.

How Do We Create?

The most important thing for us is connecting ourselves to everyone else with our work. The right music should awaken the right feelings. Our work should appeal to listeners. This is why we spend a lot of time to make our work of high quality and right for your projects.

We create, design, and record usable materials. We create our items with a keen sense of technique without ruling out the universal aspects of sound and music. With our custom work, we also value the opinions and wishes of our customers. So you can request edits and alterations to our existing portfolio.

We are proud of being boundless and beyond any classifications such as genre, duration, etc. After all, loud or quiet, short or long, simple or complex, our duty is presenting what is right for your project.


We want our customers to benefit from our items. We set only one price for every item we sell. In our opinion, this price reflects the value of our items. Our pricing policy also allows everyone to use our items at a low price. 

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You can visit our online portfolio on Audio Jungle. Feel free to listen to our royalty free music, share your comments, and buy licenses to use them in your projects.


For further information about licensing, please refer to our Licensing page. 

We are available for custom work. Click here to contact us!

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