About Tone Insight

First of all, thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest in our work. So do you want to know about Tone Insight? Let me introduce myself!

The Story of Tone Insight

My name is Gökhan Damgacı. I am the person behind Tone Insight. I am a pianist, composer, and an author of music books. Since I can remember, I have always been in pursuit of a life revolving around culture and art. Though, let’s face it. Having a dream of doing something and doing it are two different things. After all, life is not always fair.

I won’t just go ahead and say that I am a lucky guy who got a lot of opportunities in the music world. On the contrary, I have always had to carve my paths through a lot of difficulties. First of all, while living in a country like Turkey, chasing your dreams is not easy, especially if they are about music. Therefore, I had to waste so many years before realizing that life is short.

First Lessons

Fortunately, it was never too late for a new beginning in my life. One day, I decided to leave my past life behind and set a new goal which may lead a life full of joy. The day I met my piano teacher was also the day that changed my life. Thanks to him, I learned a lot about music, and I decided to pursue a career in music. During those years, I engaged in many activities such as concerts and piano festivals. Then, I decided to compose my music. It is when I heard about Audio Jungle.

Audio Jungle Years

Audio Jungle has always been a home to me. Since day one, I have been selling my recordings exclusively on Audio Jungle under the name of Tone Insight. At first, I was only recording my interpretations of classical music. Then, I started recording my music. Nowadays, I record music from various genres in my cozy little home studio.

From Field Recording to Sound Design

I have always been a nature lover. For me, to walk in nature is to witness many miracles. Over the years, I was lucky enough to know lots of great people in the music world who shared similar interests as me. Some of them are avid nature lovers like me. Thanks to them, I got inspired and started recording sounds in the field. When I listened to my field recordings, I instantly felt relaxed. So I wanted to share those recordings with others. It is when my field recording and sound design career began. Nowadays, I often go on field recording trips to record nature sounds. Also, I record sounds from daily life. I both sell those recordings and use them for my projects.

First Book

I have always believed that knowledge grows when shared. For this reason, over the years, I have written many articles about music on many platforms. Among them, there were some prestigious local magazines, blogs, and portals. At one point, I decided writing books about music.

In October 2018, I published my first ebook, An Insight Into Music Theory on Apple Books. The positive feedback I got from my readers encouraged me to write more. Therefore, in April 2019, I started writing my second book about the history of music. Recently, I established this website to share my comprehensive articles with my visitors.

Mission of Tone Insight

The mission of Tone Insight is to contribute to the world of sound and music by offering our customers the highest quality music and sound effects with affordable prices. We also strive to provide great articles, tutorials, and books for those who want to learn about sound and music.

Vision of Tone Insight

  • We strive to be one of the most successful businesses in the music world.
  • Also, we aim to create one of the biggest collection of royalty-free music and sound effects that everybody loves and uses.
  • We want to provide access to the world’s information on sound and music.

Further Information

Thank you for reading about us.

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